LOULIS MILLS chose SiEBEN for its Digital Transformation!

LOULIS MILLS are currently active in Greece with two state of the art production plants and occupy the 1st position in the Greek Flour Industry in terms of milling, sales and technology. Loulis Mills employs 250 people and is constantly investing in new technological resources and the upgrading of its plants so that it is always competitive and remain a front runner in the Greek flour industry.

The company trusted SiEBEN for the implementation of a Digital Transformation project, with main goal the best customer service. The company's ultimate goal was to streamline its ordering process and to maintain constructive relationships with existing customers/suppliers and attract new customers, with personalized communication. Moreover, other key objectives were to increase productivity and sales, to optimize customer service, while reducing operating costs and improving of strategic planning by management with extended reporting.

To meet the needs identified, Pocketbiz (SiEBEN’ s B2B sales platform) and Marera (SiEBEN’ s Integrated Marketing Platform) platforms were selected as the vehicles to tackle the stated issues.

With the completion of the project, the company has in its hands all the tools and information necessary to better serve its customers, while at the same time it significantly improves the daily routine and efficiency of its staff.

Mr. Loulis Nikos, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Loulis Group, claimed "In recent years, Loulis group of companies are implementing their Digital Transformation, through innovative solutions that significantly contribute to increasing productivity of the mobile employees and optimizing the level of cooperation within the company. The projects have been successfully implemented by SiEBEN, which, apart from its excellent design and implementation, is distinguished for its know-how in assessing the needs of a company and implementing innovative IT solutions." 

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