ST. BASIL'S Nursing Homes in Australia trusts SiEBEN for implementation services!


St Basil’s is part of the Greek Orthodox Church in Australia, providing a wide range of aged care facilities and services from day centre programs to in-home services, retirement living apartments and respite services to give carers a break.

Recently, St Basil’s chose SiEBEN for implementation services regarding projects related to Power BI and Office 365 suite.

More specifically, St Basil’s organization needed to monitor the activity of their call centers, in order to proceed to more accurate and valuable decision-making concerning their response to phone calls. The metrics needed to be monitored were the duration of calls, the distribution of call types, the number of missing calls comparing to the ones answered and many more relevant metrics.

The Company’s requested metrics are now available in Power BI visualizations, such as charts, grids, aggregated data and dashboards, giving them a single view of their most critical business data.  As a result, the Company is now able to monitor the efficiency of its business, or take strategic decisions, using live dashboards and reports, all of which are responsive, user friendly and interactive.

Moreover, with sharing and collaboration features of Power BI, such as sharing dashboards and workspaces, the Company ensures that all members of their team are on the same page and monitor a “single version of truth”, while Power BI Mobile app gives them the opportunity to monitor crucial metrics through their tablets or mobile phones, monitoring the same reports and dashboards available in Power BI online service.