SiEBEN’s event in Thessaloniki was a great success!


SiEBEN conducted an event titled ‘Let’s Go Digital’ which met with great success. The event took place at Porto Palace Hotel in Thessaloniki on Thursday 1st March. The aim of this event was to inspire and encourage the executives of modern businesses, irrespective of the field or size, to innovate and thrive in the Digital Age. The event started at 15:30 and finished at 20:00 as initially scheduled.

The event was sponsored by the companies Cisco, Info Quest Technologies, ICAP, Softone and the media IT Security Professional, ΧΡΗΜΑ Week,,

Chryssa Papadopoulou, General Director of SiEBEN in Northern Greece, delivered the welcome speech, in which she introduced the company to the attendees and talked about the solutions it offers to the businesses and how important Digital Transformation is for them.

Later, Stathis Vriniotis, Business Software Director of SiEBEN, presented the way Pocketbiz, the Field Sales Automation platform of SiEBEN, can contribute to the increase in sales and a more efficient customer service.

Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of SiEBEN - Pobuca, presented how technology contributes to the Digital Business Transformation through Cisco solutions.

Afterwards, Thodoris Granis, I.T. Consultant, Product Specialist of Softone, suggested that businesses should use technology in order to continually grow, evolve and respond to the changing market and customers’ demands.

Antonis Stamatopoulos, Product Marketing Manager Software Sector of Info Quest Technologies, presented the new cloud solutions and services that constitute the most appropriate approach to the modern businesses, in which digital transformation is considered to be a key prerequisite for their viability.

The speeches of the event were concluded by John Lekos, Director Management Consultant of ICAP, who presented the new business responsibilities due to GDPR and the ways in which businesses can create a realistic roadmap with feasible goals without exaggerations and high implementation costs.

The event was attended by IT and Marketing Managers, Technology and Business Decision Makers as well as CEOs who had the opportunity to discuss with the specialized executives of SiEBEN and be informed about the most recent commercial and technological approaches, which will enable them to achieve increase in sales as well as a better customer service.

The attendees of the event had the chance to win by draw a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 64GB, the best Xiaomi model, which has just been launched in the Greek market. The event was followed by light lunch and networking.