SiEBEN invests in CRM software and cloud services in Greece and overseas!


SiEBEN has conducted a business plan for investments of € 5Μ within the following three years targeting overseas expansion as well as consolidation in Greece as a leader in CRM. A part of the money has already been ensured by angel investors since July 2017 and since January 2018 by Telefonica that invests in our company in order to promote Pobuca in the 23 countries, in which it operates. On Monday 23 April SiEBEN signed a strategic agreement with Entersoft, through which it will receive some funding in order to fulfill its plan.

SiEBEN transfers to Entersoft the activity of Enterprise Mobility through Pocketbiz. SiEBEN aims for overseas expansion through cloud services and announces a new field-sales automation software: Pobuca Sales, which includes the expertise of Pocketbiz but targets enterprises of up to 50 employees in Greece and overseas. It will be available as a cloud service, which can be purchased to a subscription model after being probed for 15 days for free.

Apart from new Pobuca Sales, key investments have been planned for the rest products of SiEBEN, Pobuca Connect (updated name for Pobuca), Pobuca Loyalty (updated name for Marera) and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which SiEBEN implements CRM vertical integration for vertical industries.

Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of SiEBEN said: “In order to successfully target overseas markets, you should aim not only at the enterprises but at the number of clients as well. We have noticed that there is a global gap in field-sales automation software for SMEs and we have acquired the expertise needed to target them through cloud services. We have decided to transfer Pocketbiz and its clientele to Entersoft, in order to focus on a new cloud version of field-sales automation, Pobuca Sales. At the same time, we have ensured the best available successor for the clients of Pocketbiz, Entersoft, which is undoubtedly a leader of Enterprise mobility in Greece.