SiEBEN is proudly sponsoring the Economist' s "The artificially intelligent Retail Industry" event on 30th of November!


SiEBEN - Pobuca is sponsoring the "The artificially intelligent Retail Industry" event which takes place on November 30th, at Athenaeum InterContinental Athens Hotel and is organized by The Economist.

Distinguished personalities and prominent leaders from Greece, Europe and around the world will join to brainstorm, debate and put forward proposals on all the issues that this high profile event will once again be addressing.

The retail sector is at the forefront of this process, adopting more and more innovative solutions from the fields of AIrobotics and big data analytics, thus improving the retail process. Governments and business however need a coherent strategy in order to tap into this transformation for the benefit of the society.
On the other hand, concerns and risks are inevitably emerging with regards to employment, customer’s experience, data collection and existing business models.
▪ To what extent has AI application taken over retail functions?
▪ Will AI in the retail industry offer new opportunities in the employment section?
▪ Shall we expect a boost in competitiveness through the 4th Industrial Revolution?
▪ Will there be winners and losers in this rapidly developing environment?

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