Marera Engaging Cocktail event was successfully held by SiEBEN!


Marera Engaging Cocktail event was successfully held by SiEBEN on Wednesday, June 5, at HYTRA. The aim of the event was to inspire and encourage today's business executives, regardless of their activity or size, to innovate and evolve in the field of Digital Marketing.

The event was greeted by Chryssa Papadopoulou, Digital Marketing Director of SiEBEN, with a subversive opening, introducing the Messenger bot to the attendees!

Menelaos Makrigiannis, SiEBEN’s Sales Director, presented a new approach on how to increase sales and provide more effective service to customers, emphasizing the need for businesses to take advantage of the data they have at their disposal.

Kostas Sourligas, from Psichogios Publications, presented the implementation of Marera, SiEBEN’ s integrated digital marketing platform. The company can now easily and instantly send personalized communications to its customers, according to their preferences, and evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of its various digital marketing actions.

The event's speeches were completed by presenting the trends in Digital Marketing and Marera's extensions, such as the incorporation of Viber and Messenger Bots, as well as issues related to Proximity marketing and Lead Scoring by Maria Kounaki, Digital Marketing Manager of SiEBEN.

The Cocktail Bot made a huge impression to the attendees, with which almost everyone chatted for information about the event, such as the agenda & venue of the event, and moreover to choose the cocktail and gift they wanted.