Megaplast trusts SiEBEN for Digital Transformation Consulting Services!


Megaplast is a world Leader in the production of Ventilated & Reinforced Stretch Films in the area of innovative flexible packaging. Megaplast Plant Facilities & Headquarters are located in Greece (Megaplast S.A.), while a global sales networt is supported by Megaplast Subsidiaries in UK (Megaplast UK Ltd), Spain (Megaplast Spain SL), Italy (Megaplast Italia SRL), Germany (Megaplast Verpackungsinnovationen GmbH), USA (Megaplast USA Inc), and a local office in France. A Local Distribution Network for the Megaplast Group has been developed all over the world.

Through Digital Transformation, the company aims to modernize its technological infrastructure and to acquire innovative tools that will help empower its staff and better serve its customers. Megaplast's strategic partner in this project is SiEBEN.

SiEBEN, through its Digital Transformation Consulting Services, will initially demarcate the points that need to be redesigned and propose the most appropriate solutions that Megaplast will need in order to simplify its internal processes and operations, while increase its employees’ productivity.

More specifically, an analysis will be made about the move to cloud strategy that the company should follow for file sharing and infrastructure audit. Through Office 365, the company's goal is to increase productivity and better collaboration among company, as well as secure access to Office applications and shared documents even remotely. In addition, a study will be carried out to replace the existing PBX with a VoIP system.

Finally, SiEBEN will conduct a market research and process study for software related to equipment maintenance, HR processes and BPM.