Customer Service

You can now offer world-class customer service that leads to increased customer loyalty.

Customers today want to be responded as soon as possible (max 2 hours) after lodging a complaint (via telephone, email, fax, internet or SMS).

This is possible only with the use of a CRM tool. CRM, let customer service departments handle all the complaints and requests within a unified platform using automated procedures and workflows for recording Cases and assign them to the responsible employee (case management).

This reduces the response/resolution time, through different communication channels contribute to the achievement of a high level of customer satisfaction. As a result, your business increase customer loyalty and achieve high client retention.

On the other hand, CRM give the service personnel the ability to manage quickly, easily, and efficiently from a single point of customer requirements, adopting modern methods of service and significantly increasing their productivity and motivation to deliver (satisfied customers help create a positive working environment).

Achieve a high level of service even though a cost reduction.

Employees can easily share sales, ordering and support information, and use that to identify the most important customers and prioritize service needs. They close cases more effectively with a powerful searchable knowledge base integrated directly within CRM. Give your agents and customers the answers they need on the spot. The knowledge base provides consistent answers across channels.

Useful Reports can be generated for the successful cases but also the response of workers to solve them and provides statistics for further analysis. The reports help identify common support issues, assess customer needs, track processes and measure service performance and track SLAs (contract management).

Business Intelligence Dashboard analytics can help you improve customer service processes and optimize costs.

Periodic reviews keep responses current and relevant. And you can get in-depth analytics to measure the impact of the responses.