Manage your customer relationships and enhance your multichannel marketing effectiveness.

The optimal customer experience is one of the most important elements that contribute to obtaining new customers but also to the maintenance of the existing customers. A CRM enables businesses to deliver amazing results as regards their customer experience and creating strong relationships with personalized, timely and direct interaction involving both the Sales Department the Marketing and Support.   

With Marketing Automation, they can work as one team, so you can plan, create, deploy, manage and evaluate online campaigns from a central unified platform.

Collect data about contacts - not only purchasing - behaviors, create dynamic criteria, score them based on marketing interactions and prioritize the leads that are ready to buy.

Customer Profiling & Segmentation is the secret to sending the right message, to the right people, every time. As a result, create a stronger connection with your customers and make Loyalty management in-depth.

Automatically run personalized multilevel marketing campaigns using SMS, email, phone, internet or direct mails based on unique customer profiles. Organize customers and speak to their needs. 

With Analytics & marketing reports, transform data to information and take better decisions. Now you can measure exactly in real time what’s working, what’s not and the return on investment (ROI) for every campaign that you create.

Enable your website tracking and you can make smarter decisions based on real data, because tracking is integrated with your CRM.     

Target a person, not the masses. Maximize engagement, Minimize workload with Pobuca Loyalty integration included.