Public CRM

Differente your organization from the rest by adopting a Public CRM strategy

The excellent organization of Sales and Marketing departments is considered necessary by many companies because it has a direct impact to existing and potential customers. For this reason, it is necessary an information system that helps to identify and attract consumers through the process of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships between company and customer. 

Differentiating your organization from the rest, with a competitive advantage, a “public” B2C (business to consumers) or Customer Relationship Management system.

This fully integrated Marketing Management Platform provides connectivity with existing systems, websites, mobile apps, and social media in order to manage effectively marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. That means that you have a unified storage of massive leads information, collected from any source.

And a tool helps you to know your fans & followers, Define social trends, focusing on potential customers, Target the masses to find the person…

By customer profiling & segmentation and lead scoring based on consumers behavior, can identify the best leads, track engagement with campaigns and combine the powers of marketing & sales to transform a fan into customer for life.

So simple, you can increase your customer base and marketing effectiveness. Also helps to strengthen confidence and enhance customer loyalty, by interacting with audience in a targeted manner. Automatically run personalized multilevel marketing campaigns using SMS, email, phone, internet or direct mails based on unique customer profiles, to many individual customers. After that, measure the effectiveness of your social media activity and increase your brand recognition.