Sales Force Automation

Boost your sales department, effectively manage existing and potential customers and sell more effectively.

Help your sales field people to focus on sales by using a modern user-friendly mobile SFA platform (integrated effectively with current systems) that will allow them to increase their productivity, to make use of real time reporting and manage their clients more effectively.

With direct access to complete information about customers, products and pricing policies are able to effectively manage orders and to inform promptly the head of the enterprise. By reducing the required time of sale’s cycle, increase your customer’s satisfaction.

At the same time, sales managers are able to have a full picture of their team, to define and monitor individual and departmental goals, delegate tasks to subordinates and through useful reports to design the most effective strategy. Also, In-depth knowledge of customers requires to have a full picture of the communications and actions that have taken place in the past to their customers using multiple and different channels and media but from a single point of view.

Automate processes to facilitate the required actions of sales team members giving them the proper productivity tools (error free mobile order taking, merchandising, Collections, Calendar, Daily tasks - contacts - document management, Surveys and much more) through Sales Field Automation.

A modern SFA solution removes the complexity of paper sales reporting and provides, in real time, a clear view of sales activity every day, up to date. Removing the complexity of the Reps tasks and taking more error free orders per day, increase your average sales orders.  The automatic - direct registration of orders reduces existed Operating, Selling, General and Administrative Expenses. That results shorter delivery times of products and increase customer satisfaction.

Such an innovative solution provides also Geo Data Technology (Customers Geolocation, GeoMarketing, GeoFencing, reverse Geocoding, GPS tracking). You can map your customers and planning whom to visit, when, and how to get there becomes a game (integrates with Google Maps GPS navigation app), and as you minimize travel time, your better mood reflects the relationship with your customers. 

To achieve all these (and much more), required a modern fully customizable Sales Field Automation software depending on the requirements and business processes, such as the Pobuca Sales solution by SiEBEN.

Work free, focus on what’s important and then Sync your data. Offline mode means no downtime. All functionality is available when working in offline mode. With Pobuca Sales apps you can take an order when online or offline mode. Syncing of all sales, product, customer, and pricing details to (and from) your ERP system with full audit trail when you like. Start to gather the data you need to make decisions, regardless of the place, time or connectivity.

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